Eight, Eighteen, Eighteen

Do you have August 18th, 2018 available? 

This is a question I've been hearing a lot lately!  Unfortunately, I have to tell the poor person, "No, that's been long booked...."

Picking a wedding date can be so fun, and choosing a neat and memorable date is a major decision, but the big, obvious ones go fast!

For some couples, the date really matters.  Perhaps it's an important anniversary of when they met or first knew they were in love.  Perhaps it's the wedding anniversary of parents or grandparents.  Perhaps having just the right numbers for that memorable anniversary date is very important.

Well, if 8-18-18 isn't available, what is?  Here are some fun dates available at Events on 6th:
11-11-17 (and it's on sale!!)
2-2-18, 2-3-18, 2-9-18 (because 2x9=18), 2-17-18
6-8-18, 6-16-18

Of course, there are other open dates as well!  Which date is important to you?  Call now to see if it's available!  Lock it in soon, or your 8-18-18 will be gone.